The flu virus is still making its way through communities across the country, with the end of the season still a few months away. With unpredictable weather patterns and temperatures on the horizon, your body may not quite know how to react and your immune system may not adjust in time to protect you from different viruses and illnesses. While some symptoms of the flu can be treated with rest and at-home care, other symptoms and more serious cases may require examination and treatment by a doctor to prevent complications and reach a full diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of the flu?

Influenza symptoms vary case by case, and not every symptom may be presented for each person. If you exhibit some or all of the following, you should visit Urgent Care of Mercer County for assessment:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache or full-body aches
  • Stuffed and/or runny nose
  • Dehydration
  • Persistent vomiting/diarrhea
  • Exhaustion

How can I treat initial flu-like symptoms?

As soon as you begin to develop flu-like symptoms, you should stay at home in order to avoid infecting others. You should not go out for at least 24 hours in order to give your fever time to break. Because you will be losing fluids due to heightened temperatures, vomiting or diarrhea, you can avoid potential dehydration by drinking water, juices, soups and sports drinks to replenish them. You should make sure to get plenty of rest, whether it’s taking a nap or watching television on the couch. Rest allows your body time to recover and begin fighting the virus. If you are over the age of 18, you can take over-the-counter medications including aspirin and ibuprofen to relieve the pain felt from headaches or sore muscles. Do not give children under the age of 18 aspirin or ibuprofen because it can lead to liver and brain damage.

Visiting urgent care with flu-like symptoms

The timing of when you go to urgent care with flu-like symptoms may vary on what you are experiencing and whether or not you are a high-risk patient. Patients at a higher risk for developing complications from the influenza virus include young children, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems due to cancer, diabetes and HIV. If you are considered a high-risk patient, you should visit urgent care for assessment within the first 24 hours of developing symptoms. Weakened or compromised immune systems can leave you more vulnerable to complications. Patients who are not considered high-risk should visit urgent care if:

  • You are not showing signs of improvement after 48 hours
  • Your fever has not broken and continues to climb (102 F is considered a high fever for an adult, 103 is considered high for a child)
  • You cannot keep fluids down and are exhibiting signs of dehydration
  • You are continuously vomiting or have diarrhea

Treatment of Flu-Like Symptoms in Hamilton, Trenton & Robbinsville, NJ

If you are exhibiting symptoms of the flu, visit Urgent Care of Mercer County for diagnosis and treatment. We will be able to provide you with a full diagnosis and administer a flu shot if necessary. Our center is open extended hours seven days a week, with walk-in patients welcome. For questions, please call 609.890.4100.