With the start of the school year only a few short weeks away, it is time to make sure your child’s physical is up-to-date. Although many districts are still in the process of laying out their plans for the year, in-person classes are still a possibility that will require preparation to make sure your child is healthy enough to participate and learn. Updated physicals must be put on file with the school within 30 days of the first day of the academic year.

Process of a school physical

A school physical is an opportunity for a physician to check for any newly developed or previously undetected factors that could affect your child’s ability to learn, as well as how your child has changed in the last year. The following will be checked and examined as part of a school physical:

  • Height and weight will be measured as well as vital signs checked
  • Check of vision and hearing for any changes since the previous physical
  • Check of reflexes and response time
  • Examination for scoliosis in the back
  • Examination of ears, nose and throat for illness
  • Review of medical history and immunizations, with updates as needed 

What if my child is participating in sports?

If your child is planning to participate in a school or community athletic program when they resume activity, you can visit Urgent care of Mercer County for a sports physical! A sports physical is designed to make sure your child does not have any undetected injuries that could potentially be exacerbated or worsened by athletic activity or further injury, which could affect their ability to participate in classes.

What if my child requires treatment?

If the physician diagnoses an acute injury or illness during your child’s physical, they can be treated right at Urgent Care of Mercer County! Our staff is trained to treat a wide range of conditions and is fully equipped with an on-site digital x-ray department and laboratory to provide you and your child with a full diagnosis. If your child will require additional care, we will be able to refer you to a nearby specialist. 

School & Sports Physicals for Students in Hamilton, Trenton & Lawrence, NJ

If your child is due for a school physical, visit Urgent Care of Mercer County today! Our center is open seven days a week and accepts walk-in patients, allowing for more convenience for our patients. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 609-890-4100.