The flu season is quickly approaching, with the first cases typically starting in late September lasting through the winter through Memorial Day. Millions of cases are reported each year, with between 100,000 and 800,000 hospitalizations due to complications from the virus and 60,000 casualties. With the current pandemic ongoing, it is critical to make sure you start preparations as soon as possible to keep yourself and your family healthy this fall and winter. If you get the flu, visit Urgent Care of Mercer County for treatment seven days a week.

Teach younger members of your family about good hygiene and health habits

The flu is a highly contagious virus and spreads quickly through confined areas, including offices, dorms, classrooms and residential buildings.The virus can live on surfaces for up to several days and can quickly move through the air after a person sick with the flu coughs or sneezes. By touching surfaces and immediately bringing their hands and fingers up to their eyes, nose or mouth, children can quickly get sick and spread the virus throughout their classrooms and homes, where parents can bring it into the office without even first realizing that they are ill. Some of the habits you can begin to teach your child include:

  • Telling you if they feel unwell and may need to stay home from school. If they have a fever, headache or stomach ache, keep them home for at least 24 hours after the fever breaks to make sure they are no longer contagious.
  • Teach your child to cover their mouth and nose with the crook of their elbow or a tissue when they have to cough or sneeze. Make sure they know to dispose of used tissues immediately to reduce germs on surfaces. 
  • Make sure your child knows how and when to wash their hands, using antibacterial soap, warm to hot water and scrubbing for at least 30 seconds. Monitor them when using hand sanitizer. Teach them to avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth and face with unwashed hands.
  • At home, make sure most commonly used surfaces including play areas, tables, food prep areas and remote controls are wiped down at least twice per day to kill germs.  

Get an annual flu shot early in flu season

The most effective way to protect yourself and your family from getting the flu is by getting an annual flu shot from Urgent Care of Mercer County. The vaccine is designed each year to provide immunization against the current strain of influenza going around your community. Because the strain evolves, it is important to update your flu shot annually. The flu shot is recommended for everyone over the age of six months unless you have an egg allergy or have had a negative reaction to a past flu shot. The flu vaccine is typically available in mid to late September.

Flu Shots & Treatment in Hamilton & Trenton, NJ

Visit Urgent Care of Mercer County this fall for a walk-in flu shot. The vaccine takes about two weeks to take effect, so the early you get your shot, the more effective it will be this flu season. Most insurance carriers are accepted. For questions, please call 609-890-4100.