Both sports and camp programs require children to undergo a participation physical exam  prior to admittance. This is to ensure each of their members are healthy enough to participate.

With all of these programs beginning at roughly the same time, physicians can get overbooked with appointments and parents are waiting until the last minute.  Physicians then cannot accommodate any additional patients for weeks.

If you’re one of these parents who waited until the last minute, don’t worry; it’s not too late! At Urgent Care of Mercer County, we accept walk-ins seven days a week and can provide your child with the quality physical they need in order to be ready to play ball or go attend camp on day one.

Since our top priority is providing the best possible care to our patients, our physicals are thorough and designed to ensure each patient is healthy enough to participate in sports.

Our physicals include:

  • Measuring each patient’s height and weight.
  • Measuring heart rate and blood pressure
  • Analyzing each patient’s medical history
  • Testing each patient’s balance, posture, flexibility and strength

For your child’s next participation physical exam, visit us over at 2222 Route 33 in Hamilton, NJ. Call us at 609-890-4100!

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