Other Occupational Health Services

Urgent Care of Mercer county provides a wide variety of occupational health services, which includes DOT physicals, pre-employment physicals & drug testing. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from comprehensive occupational health services that help maintain a productive and safe work environment for employees.

If you have any questions about our services, or want to get started with a personalized occupational health plan, please give us a call at 609-890-4100 and we can go over your business’s healthcare needs.

Here are just a few types of occupational health physicals, tests, and evaluations that businesses can implement to screen their employees for initial jobs or back-to-work programs:

Respiratory Fit Test

The respiratory fit test for employees is required by OSHA to meet their requirements.Urgent care Of Mercer County is able to perform these tests in our center & testing does not usually take longer than 15 minutes.

Pulmonary Function Test

The pulmonary function test offered at our center is the spirometry test, which measures the volume & speed of breath of the patient.

Lift Test

The lift test performed at Urgent care Of Mercer County is conducted to determine if an employee is able to lift the required amount of weight for employment.

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)

Urgent care Of Mercer County has an on-site lab which makes it possible for our physicians to test for the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. We also have on-site x-ray equipment for further tests if needed.

Vision/Hearing Test

Our center is able to provide vision testing for colorblindness & visual acuity as well as comprehensive hearing tests for ear function.