Safety and productivity are among the top priorities of any business owner. Staying on schedule is critical to the success of your business and meeting the demand of your customers, which is only possible if your employees are clear-headed and trained in safely using all equipment required by their positions. If you have a company policy on illicit drug use, periodic employee drug testing can ensure that it is being followed while seeing decreased levels of employee turnover, worker’s compensation claims and absenteeism. A drug-free workplace can lead to a happier and healthier workforce. If you are in need of setting up drug testing services, contact Urgent Care of Mercer County today!

Types of Drug Testing in Mercer County, NJ

Urgent Care of Mercer County can provide a wide range of drug testing for businesses of all sizes. We can develop plans for monthly, quarterly, biannually and annual testing. Some of the drug testing we provide include:

Walk-In Employee Drug Testing in Hamilton, Trenton & Robbinsville, NJ

If you are interested in setting up employee drug testing as part of an occupational health program, call Urgent Care of Mercer County today! Our center is open extended, convenient hours seven days a week so you’ll never need to worry about missing work. For questions or to set up an appointment, please call 609-890-4100.

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